Progress Report

September 2022

IWe are working on a new look for our upstairs lobby. A recent focus has been to create our gift shop, which will sell a wide variety of lower price point items, all created by regional artists. We removed one wall, and moved another, and a door and windows, so that the gift shop is easily seen and accessible from the lobby. (It sounds so easy to say “we moved a wall”, but it isn’t so easy to do!) Now we need to do the drywall finishing, painting, ceiling, etc. and then start moving items into the space. Check out the progress the next time you come to the Center.

Downstairs, we now have almost all the new doors hung, more walls painted, and the HVAC work is finished. Still need to get the fire alarm system installed before we can put in all the drop ceiling tiles and finish the spaces. Bit by bit, it’s happening!

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