Progress Report

May 2021
Elite Plumbing locating drain line.

Exciting progress! Our architect, Jim Baranski, completed the design for the lower level of the new building, which includes the performance area. He has created plans for a flexible theatrical space, which will comfortably seat a hundred in the audience. The lower level will also have a lobby area with a concessions booth, audience restrooms, performers’ dressing rooms, a scene shop, tech office, storage, studios and a large meeting/classroom.

We now have the specifications for the design, so we can start ordering materials.

The first work that needs to be accomplished is installing drain lines under the floor for the new bathroom facilities. Elite Plumbing has started on that by locating and determining the depth of the existing line. I never thought I would be so delighted to have someone drill a big hole in the floor! By next month we hope we will have installed drainage pipes, and actually started construction on the performance space floor and walls. Stay tuned!

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