Virtual Exhibit

In this holiday season, our thoughts turn to giving thanks for all of our blessings. Art is such a blessing for all of us. It can inspire us to appreciate the beauty in the world, communicate ideas and perceptions, or generate a response. It makes us feel.

In this virtual exhibit our artists are grateful for nature, friends, the brave people who help us in the face of tragedy, our families, pets, and loving times shared.

Many of the artworks are for sale. If you are interested in adding a piece to your collection, let us know, and we will connect you with the artist.

Robert Rivoire has again collected beautiful photos of the many things he is grateful for in this YouTube presentation. Sit back and enjoy this amazing montage.

This virtual exhibit is presented for free; however, donations are appreciated!

The virtual exhibit is presented below as a flip book and is best viewed in a horizontal screen presentation at full screen. To navigate the flip book, use the left and right navigation arrows, click on the lower left or right corner of the book's pages, or swipe left or right.

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