Looking Up!

Virtual Exhibit

What do you see, simply looking up? We often walk looking at the ground, perhaps not to stumble, but perhaps to stay within ourselves. When looking up, the whole world expands. The azure sky with its fluffy white clouds, rolling inky clouds in a grey sky, or the blazing reds and oranges of sunrise and sunset. Looking up a tree trunk gives you a different prospective of the giant you are next too. You might see a bird or a butterfly, a drone—or even a monkey!

The artists in this exhibit have contemplated the world around them as they look up in photographs, poems, paintings, sculptures, and fiberarts. And what are those sculptural figures looking up to?

This virtual exhibit is presented for free; however, donations are appreciated!

The virtual exhibit is presented below as a flip book and is best viewed in a horizontal screen presentation at full screen. To navigate the flip book, use the left and right navigation arrows, click on the lower left or right corner of the book's pages, or swipe left or right.

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