Finding Beauty

Virtual Exhibit

In these times of isolation, uncertainty, and anxiety, we have asked the artists to find beauty. They have indeed found beauty in the ordinary, the unspectacular, and unexpected places. Nature has been a popular subject as we turn toward the beauty that surrounds us. Each with their own special talents over twenty artists share their words and artwork.

Bob Rivoire has assembled a slideshow of his photographs, asking the question, "Is this beauty?" It is always in the eye of the beholder.

This virtual exhibit is presented for free; however, donations are appreciated!

NEW! Order a print copy of the book for $22.00 by emailing the .

The virtual exhibit is presented below as a flip book and is best viewed in a horizontal screen presentation at full screen. To navigate the flip book, use the left and right navigation arrows, click on the lower left or right corner of the book's pages, or swipe left or right.

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