Art that Stands Out in its Field

Special Event

Our annual outdoor exhibit of Scarecrows, called “Art that Stands Out in its Field,” is spreading all over town! The scarecrow population in Galena grows every year, and we are hoping this will be the best yet.

Use your imagination to create whatever characters you like (no politics, please!). If you want your scarecrow to live at the Center (we promise to feed it and care for it) you can leave it with us, or if you want it at your place, let us know so we can include it on the scarecrow map. Scarecrows should go up around Oct. 1, and stay up until Halloween.

If you would like to create with a group, we will have a scarecrow building party at the Center on Sept. 23, 10 am-12 pm. Join us for the fun! Bring your creativity, as well as clothing/accessories/decorations. If you need a wooden scarecrow frame, we will have some available for $10 to cover the cost of the wood.

Dig deep into your closet and discover some worn out clothes to dress a wooden frame for our annual Art that Stands Out in Its Field event. We encourage one and all (of all ages) to participate!


  • Scarecrows should be between 5-7 feet tall.
  • Scarecrows can be displayed in your yard, place of business, the Galena Center for the Arts field (located next to the center), or anywhere around Galena.
  • Dress your scarecrows in clothing and accessories of your preference. Scarecrows may follow a theme; however, please keep in mind that they will be on display outdoors for several weeks.
  • The Galena Center for the Arts will not provide security for the scarecrows. The Galena Center for the Arts is not responsible for vandalism or theft so please don't use a diamond tiara or expensive alligator shoes!
  • Contact us at 815-402-3111 to show interest and learn more about participating in the event.

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