Design Planning

April 2021

Our design planning continues to move ahead. We have so many things to consider while planning our performance space, including flexibility of seating, sight lines, acoustics, audience restrooms, backstage areas for performers, concessions, elevator, storage, and more. With the help of our architect Jim Baranski, and our theatrical consultant Katherine Georgeson, we are making great progress.

Bob Felderman thought it might be fun for us to provide you with a “before” and “after” video tour of the space. He brought in his 360 degree camera, and spent hours photographing what was there the day he visited. We have done a good deal of work since then to open up the space, so it’s ready for construction to start. If you click on the image you can maneuver through the space, and get a general idea of what will be constructed in what area.

Click for 3D Tour.

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