Volunteers are needed and welcomed for many different activities including:

Gallery Receptionist
Ticket & Concession Sales
Ushers at plays, film screenings and concerts
Art Fair Booth Attendents
Clean-up, fix-up, paint-up days

Gallery Receptionist

Click the button below to begin sign up.  Please select a shift or shifts, fill out the form at the bottom with your e-mail, name, and phone number.  Be sure to click the button at the bottom “Sign Up To Volunteer”.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

We are open 11am – 4pm Thursday through Sunday.  Help our visitors enjoy the artwork of our regional artists and special exhibits and spend a lovely afternoon surrounded by art!

Call us if you have a conflict and cannot come so we are sure the shift is covered. 779-214-0261.

Gallery Receptionist Sign-Up