The Cocktail Hour

Table Reading

Actors: Meggie Jenkins, Ben Jenkins, Tracy Jenkins and Ron Jenkins

The Cocktail Hour is a comedy that offers a peek into the world of an upper-crust waspish family as they engage in their nightly ritual – the cocktail get together before dinner. Son John has written a play about the family called The Cocktail Hour and his parents are concerned about what he might be exposing about them, while his sister worries that her character might not have a big enough role.

Featured actors in in this insightful, biting, comedy-satire are also a family, and we are delighted to feature Ron, Tracy, Ben and Meggie Jenkins in this table reading.

The audience is invited to participate in a talkback about the play and its subject matter after the reading.

May 14, 2019 - 7 pm
Suggested donation: $8

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