Trees...Branching Out

Virtual Exhibit

Majestic trees, the giants of our natural environment, have been the subject of artwork for centuries. The creatives featured in this virtual exhibit have photographed amazing trees with perfect symmetry or broken and scarred branches. They have painted trees, evoking the feelings they experience in the landscape or their own backyards. They have incorporated interpretations of trees in pottery, stitchery, or mixed media. The poets have celebrated trees for their beauty and expressed the memories of sitting under shady branches.

A special presentation of "Trees" by Bob Rivoire is a beautiful slideshow of his photographs, accompanied by classical music and the narration of “Trees,” an essay in a book, Wandering—Notes and Sketches by Herman Hesse, translated by James Wright. It is read by Ron Jenkins.

This virtual exhibit is presented for free; however, donations are appreciated!

The virtual exhibit is presented below as a flip book and is best viewed in a horizontal screen presentation at full screen. To navigate the flip book, use the left and right navigation arrows, click on the lower left or right corner of the book's pages, or swipe left or right.

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