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Paul Chase
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Paul Chase, a long-time Galena resident, an educator for over 30 years at high school and college level, explores many different genres in his artwork. He sculpts marble, soapstone, and granite; paints in oils, acrylics, and watercolors; creates three-dimensional artworks incorporating old guitars; manipulates photos into new environments; and adds texture to paintings with fabric or metal.

Graphic Visions depicts street scenes and country landscapes to interpret a local environment. Paul describes it as, “A combination of reality and fantasy that demands our thoughts, yet offers a vision of a place we have seen—and where we can rest.”

Graphic Dimensions encompasses his stone sculptures in various sizes and colors, pulling out an abstract or realistic form.

Architectural Visions are large format landscapes and buildings. He uses oil or acrylic paint to create a new environment.

GraphicGuitars involves hundreds of images that include a guitar, rendered in watercolor, color pencil, college, airbrush, pencil, markers, acrylic, enamel, oil paint, with splashes of duct tape, rusty metal, and cut paper. These creations have been exhibited in Nashville, Tennessee at the Musicians Hall of Fame, Beale Street Music in Memphis, Wild About Music Gallery in Austin, Texas, and many other venues.

Western Visions come from Paul’s experience living in Montana. Cowboys and guitars are a natural!

VineYardGuitars combine the romance of music and fine wine, the guitar and art. Many have actual guitars embedded in the panel and then painted over for a fresh, vibrant exhibit.

WaterColor gallery reveals some the artist’s roots. Early paintings that are still a favorite. Paul loves to attack the technique of watercolor painting and create places in the world around, and places in the heart.

His solo exhibit in our Special Exhibit Gallery promises to be as exciting and unique as Paul is himself.

Thursday-Sunday, 1-4 pm
Nov 1, 2019-Jan 4, 2020
Free, donations appreciated

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