Art in Bloom

Special Gallery Exhibit

Oil painting by Lavon Jackman

Flowers have blossomed into art history’s most popular subject from Egyptian times to the present. They are the central feature of still-life paintings, carved into stone, sculpted in clay, symbolized in personal adornments, be it jewelry or tattoos. Flowers adorn the quilts we sleep under and accessorize the hats we wear to church. Tapestries and surface design of fabrics furnish our homes.

From the renaissance painters of Europe with delicate blooms to the mod “flower power” art of the 60s, the varieties are diverse and captivating. Come see what our regional artists' interpretations are. Works of embroidery, watercolor, acrylic, oil, photography, fabric, and even walnut ink and metal are represented in this exhibit.

Thursday-Sunday, 11 am-4 pm
May 10-July 6, 2019
Free, donations appreciated

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