Dylan in Dubuque


Bob Dylan's 1996 concert in Dubuque is recognized among Dylan fans around the world as one of the wildest in history (although its reputation is mostly unknown locally). The 3,500 fans who saw Dylan at Five Flags on that night saw a spectacle they would never forget. By the time Dylan sang his third song, young fans were crawling onto the stage. Although not typical of a Dylan performance, that evening the artist seemed to enjoy, and approve, of the behavior.

Cory Ritterbusch is a veteran of 92 Bob Dylan concerts including the Dubuque show. He recently wrote a feature article about the concert for a British magazine and will present the details and explain the shows long-term influence. Mr. Ritterbusch says, “the Dubuque concert is an oddity for an artist of his stature and one who is notorious for lacking engagement with his audience. The on-stage circus that unfolded that night continues to baffle Dylan scholars today and is certainly abnormal for the Nobel Prize winner. It is the strangest representation of crowd interaction from Dylan that we have today.”

Cory is a restoration ecologist, local historian and an economic development professional. He owns Prairie Works, Inc., teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, frequently gives presentations and has written on a wide variety of subjects.

June 27, 2019
7 pm
Free, donations appreciated

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