Art that Stands Out in its Field

Special Event

Dig deep into your closet and discover some worn out clothes to dress a wooden frame for our annual Art that Stands Out in Its Field event. We encourage one and all (of all ages) to participate!


  • Scarecrows should be between 5-7 feet tall.
  • Scarecrows can be displayed in your yard, place of business, the Galena Center for the Arts field (located next to the center), or anywhere around Galena.
  • Dress your scarecrows in clothing and accessories of your preference. Scarecrows may follow a theme; however, please keep in mind that they will be on display outdoors for several weeks.
  • The Galena Center for the Arts will not provide security for the scarecrows. The Galena Center for the Arts is not responsible for vandalism or theft so please don't use a diamond tiara or expensive alligator shoes!
  • Scarecrows displayed in the field next to the Galena Center for the Arts should be delivered to the Center by September 15, 2020. Specific information about socially-distanced drop off procedures will be provided as the drop off date approaches.
  • A sign with the Galena Center for the Arts logo will be available to display with your scarecrow.
  • All scarecrows will be reviewed for appropriateness. If a scarecrow is found to be offensive, controversial, or political, the creator will be asked to either change its message or remove the display.
  • Contact us at 815-402-3111 to show interest and learn more about participating in the event.

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