Catch the Train in Galena

Special Event

All Aboard!!! This family holiday celebration of model trains is a great opportunity for the elder generation to introduce the younger generation to a variety of model trains.

Railway enthusiast Philip Jackman will share his N Scale operating trains on a 32’ by 16’ display featuring a variety of topography, including small towns, cities, deserts, canyons, oceans and more, with up to three trains running at a time. There will be long freight trains snaking around the layout, sleek streamliners from the golden age of train travel, steam trains from a bygone era and modern Amtrak passenger trains.

The walls will be covered with railroad themed artwork and historic regional photos of trains and depots. Sundays at 2 pm an actress will read aloud the children’s book “The Polar Express”. An old-fashioned Christmas tree encircled by a Lionel train is sure to bring back holiday memories. There will be opportunities for adults and children to operate the trains.

This year the display will include a new module featuring the corner at East Dubuque, as well as modules from other train enthusiasts in the region, including eight feet of the Wisconsin Highlands in fall colors, a working lift bridge and a four seasons module which shows the same scene in all four seasons of the year.

Thursday-Sunday, 1-4 pm
Nov 29-Dec 15, 2019
Ticket prices: Adults $5, Children (12 & under) free


  • Nov 29, 5-7 pm: Opening Reception
  • Sunday afternoons, 2 pm: Actors reading "Polar Express"
  • Dec 7, 4 pm: Presentation by Phil Jackman about the new East Dubuque module
  • Dec 8, 1-4 pm: Kids run the trains (with UnPosed Photography taking pictures)
  • Dec 13, 7 pm: Presentation by Phil Jackman about the restoration of the "Big Boy" steam locomotive

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