January 2022

Carole painting.

Jan painting.

Doing a major renovation isn’t easy in the middle of a pandemic. Costs have gone up, in some cases tripled or quadrupled, since we did our first estimates on renovating the building, and supply issues are real. However, our local construction companies have worked hard and made a great deal of progress. Thank you to each and every tradesperson who has helped.

The exciting news is that Earl Thompson Masonry will begin to build the elevator walls this week! At the moment, our lower level space is chock-a-block full of concrete bags and cement blocks, which will be turned into an elevator shaft. Hooray!

A number of people have offered to help us with painting the walls in the studios and dressing rooms. Due to COVID, we can’t have the usual group work parties that we would like, but we will be scheduling individuals and couples to come in and get some paint on those walls. Please email Carole to set up a time.

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