Past Exhibits

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  • Small Is Beautiful

    Small is Beautiful, Artworks on a smaller scale  –show running through January 22nd

  • Healing a Wounded World

    Steve Barg of the Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation and Carole Sullivan of the Center for the Arts are collaborating on an evening of selected readings with an environmental focus, presented by actors, juxtaposing Hal Martin’s images with concepts of restoration, healing and reconciliation with N...

  • Barns, Boards, and Battens

  • Photography of Archie Lieberman

  • Hummm Bug a Chorus of Insects

    Featuring a variety of insect-related artwork including Photography, Painting, Pottery, Mixed Media and Sculpture

  • Galena Generals

  • Jac and Gail Together Again

    Jac Tilton is a former art educator and has held various management positions in advertising, marketing, graphic design and web development.  He has worked almost exclusively in watercolor for most of his career, but recently has added non-representational works in graphite, carbon and charcoal to...

  • The Wonder of Wood

  • Quilt Stories

    Led by Emily Painter.  Each quilt and every quilter tells a story expressed through pattern and fabrics.

  • Great Depression

    Archival photos from the Great Depression

  • For the Love of Textiles

  • The Art of the Drink

  • Alfie Mueller Celebration

  • Pottery Then and Now

  • The Art Lives On